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who's who

Majors Ian and Sally McBride - Commanding Officers

It is our privilege and pleasure to take this opportunity of introducing ourselves to all at Belfast Citadel.

Not only do we come from Northern Ireland, but we also have previously served in the Ireland Division.
Ian comes from Lurgan, a fine Salvation Army Corps with a proud tradition in Salvationism, a Corps with good quality musical sections and a fine standing in the local community.
I was fully involved in the many aspects of the life of the Corps as a Corps Cadet, Bandsman, Songster, JS Sergeant, to name but a few before entering college in 1984 as a member of the ‘Proclaimers of the Gospel’ Session.
Sally comes from Ballymena; likewise entered into all aspects of Corps life as a Corps Cadet, YP Worker and Songster, here I was also the Brown Owl for several years before entering the Training College in 1985 as a member of the ‘Messengers of Peace’ Session.
We were married in Ballymena on the 13th June 1987.
Since then we have always seen our Ministry as a ‘Partnership in the Gospel’ - in our own personal relationship with each another, our relationship with the Lord, and our relationship with the people to whom we have been appointed.  
The first seven years of our ministry were spent in the in the West London Division at Godalming, Hammersmith and Greenford. Then in 1993, we moved to the Ireland Division, where for the next twelve years we were Corps Officers at Newtownards for three years. The next six years we were at Belfast North and then three years at Bangor. We then moved to the South and Mid Wales Division and for five years we were the Corps officers at Cardiff Canton. For the last two and a half years, we have been the Corps Officers at one of The Salvation Army’s premier Corps, Norwich Citadel in the Anglia Division.
Now, we are excited about the opportunity to return to our home Division and serve along with the people of Belfast Citadel, the number one Corps in the Ireland Division. Here we know that we are among people who love God and whose desire is to share the love of God with others. People who want to see the Kingdom of God and The Salvation Army at Belfast Citadel growing.
We simply seek to build upon the heritage of the past looking to the future, seeking that God’s will is fulfilled in all of our lives, seeking also to be true to our calling and Ministry as your Officers.
Together we are looking forward to this the next phase in our life’s Ministry. Of getting to know you each, of coming alongside of you, of sharing with you in your lives, visiting in your homes, and together ministering at Belfast Citadel.
Every blessing
Ian & Sally McBride


Noel Moore - CSM (Corps Sergeant Major)

Rather a fetching picture of me don't you think? 

I have various roles - I am responsible for outreach & evangelism work - organizing open air meetings for instance.  I am a member of the team who are responsible for the Sound Reinforcement System, multimedia & video projector and produce the CDs for our CD Ministry.  I am involved in the collation of items for our Corps Magazine and for the printing, collating stapling and distribution of the magazines.  I produce the monthly prayer diaries and leaflets and posters for our outreach work and for the noticeboard.  I manage the corps website and collect statistics.  I am a member of our Pastoral Care Council.  When the officer is away, I am responsible for looking after the corps.  On the musical front, I sing in the songsters, play Bass in the band and lead the worship band, where I also play bass guitar.


John Moore - Band Master

I have been the bandmaster at Belfast Citadel since 1998.  Along with my team of band locals, I seek to provide support in the form of brass band music for Sunday meetings at the corps and for outreach activities.  Besides having responsibility for the senior band, I also run the learners brass group - our 'Kids Alive Band' - which is for primary school children who attend our Wednesday night 'Kids Alive' Club.


Jayne Moore - Songster Leader

My primary responsibility at the Corps is leading the Songsters.  This position allows me to do what I do best – encourage folk to sing to the highest standard they can, and in so doing, to honour God.  I am also the Corps pianist, solo horn player in the band and a member of the worship group.  I have a passion for music-making and firmly believe that music touches the heart and soul, so whether a participant or an appreciative listener, a person can be drawn closer to God.  I assist with children’s ministry, and work with those who attend our Kids Alive Club and brass learners group.


Minn Moore - Recruiting Sergeant

I am a lifelong Salvationist and enjoy serving God through The Salvation Army.  I sing in the choir (not very well).  I also work with young people and help with lunch club.

I like talking and most Sundays I try to speak & welcome all who enter our church.  My main task is to try and help others to accept Jesus as their Saviour.


Jack Moore - Retired Corps Secretary

I had not gone to any church for many years and had no intention of doing so. I did not need God or religion in my life.

I had settled down to my own way of life - I had a job, a nice home, a loving wife and 3 lovely children.  What more did I need? Going to church or serving God had never crossed my mind, but God had other plans !

My eldest daughter had been going to The Salvation Army for a few years without any help or encouragement from myself or my wife.  But it was when my second daughter wanted to go as well that the problems started. We lived in Dunmurry - about 6 miles from the centre of Belfast.  Since she could not get a lift, I had to act as taxi driver, and started to stay for the meetings rather than call back for the girls at the end.  I discovered that I was actually enjoying the meetings and something was missing from my life if I did not go on a Sunday evening.

After a few months I sensed that God was speaking to me, but I tried not to take any notice.  I ignored God’s challenge for 6 months until it got so strong that I could not ignore it any longer.  I made the decision to give my life and time fully over to Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  I take great strength and encouragement from the fact that God first loved me and then he chose me - a very ordinary person with all my faults and failings, to serve him here in Belfast.

In the Salvation Army I have found great comfort and support being around my friends and fellow Christians, I believe my faith has grown and matured over the years.  I was for many years Secretary at The Citadel and enjoyed working and serving God in this way.  I also enjoy listening to Christian music and playing in the Band.

That is all very well and comfortable for me, but what do I do to spread the good news of the gospel?  For many years I have been interested in maintaining and riding vintage motorcycles.  Becoming a Christian hasn’t changed that.  I am chairman of a large and successful vintage club and I ride a 1958 650cc BSA Gold Flash.  The 275 members are a very mixed crowd of bikers indeed!  I endeavour to be faithful to Christ in all that I do in the club.

The change that took place in my life occurred over 30 years ago – I was over 40 at the time.  Why God waited so long I have no idea, but I do know that now I could not get through a day without him.

Now I start each morning thanking God for whatever comes my way during the day.  God has the answer to all my needs because I trust him fully in all things.